This Is The Most Awesome Interview List Ever! Well, maybe not ever but it is pretty cool.

rocking-100-interviews-logoThe list has grown in both size and awesomeness!  We have our 100 even though we have 0ne TBD at the bottom. Just waiting on a final confirmations but even if we don’t get them (think positive, think positive) our response has been so overwhelming that we have enough people on our waiting list to cover it.

Now comes the hard/fun/crazy part…..GOING TO SXSW AND INTERVIEWING TILL OUR HEADS EXPLOAD. This is going to be a blast and we can’t wait to interview all of the great people below.

Also, stop us if you see us walking around to say hi. We’ll be the ones in the 100 Interviews T-shirts.

Our confirmed list is as follows:

1. Gary Vaynerchuk: @garyvee                         2. Guy Kawasaki: @guykawasaki
3. Tony Hsieh: @zappos                                        4. Chris Brogan: @chrisbrogan
5. Hugh MacLeod: @gapingvoid                        6. Erin Kotecki Vest: @QueenofSpain
7. Tara Hunt: @missrogue                                    8. Dave Peck: @davepeck
9. Stephanie Agresta: @stephagresta            10. Nicole Jordan: @NicoleJordan
11. Mack Collier: @mackcollier                        12. Lucretia Pruitt: @geekmommy
13. Brett Petersel: @brett                                    14. Karen Hartline: @khartline
15. Amanda Gravel: @amandagravel             16. Erica O’Grady: @ericaogrady
17. Chris Heuer: @chrisheuer                           18. Kristie Wells: @kristiewells
19. Loic Lemeur: @loic                                        20. Brian Solis: @briansolis
21. Deborah Cole Micek: @CoachDeb            22. Bhaksar Roy: @broy
23. Aubrey Sabala: @aubs                                  24. Simeon Margolis: @simedia
25. Irina Slutsky: @irinaslutsky                       26. Paul Chaney: @pchaney
27. Shama Hyder: @shama                                28. Louis Gray: @louisgray
29. Leora Israel: @leoraisrael                           30. Jeff Pulver: @jeffpulver
31. Christine Lu: @christinelu                           32. Elysa: @elysa
33. Erika Lehmann: @ErikaLehmann             34. Mandi Harrell Leman: @blellow
35. Alison McNeill: @alisonmcneill                36. Liz Danzico: @bobulate
37. Mike Barash: @maringuy                             38. Jen Myronuk: @jenmyronuk
39. Adam Jackson: @adamjackson                  40. Rob Blatt: @robblatt
41. Amber Santos: @theambershow                42. Larry Chiang: @larrychiang
43. Mark Lovett: @GlobalPatriot                      44. Cathy Brooks: @CathyBrooks
45. Jake Stroh: @jseleven                                     46. Sarah Cooley: @sarahcooley
47. Ben Watson: @bitpakkit                                 48. Owen JJ Stone: @ohdoctah
49. Rachel Joy: @RachelJoyTV                         50. Annie Boccio: @banannie
51. Giannii Calvert: @giannii                               52. Thomas Knoll: @thomasknoll
53. Stacy Jill Jacobs: @stacyjill                         54. Bert Decker: @BertDecker
55. Chris Hutchins: @hutchins                           56. Jon Ray: @jonray
57. Dave Goodchild: @buddhamagnet           58. Tommy Payne: @tommypjr
59. Andrew Lih: @fuzheado                                60. Michelle Shildkret: @miishi
61. Raghu Raghuraman: @Endeavourtech   62. Janetti: @Janerri
63. Brian Shaler: @brianshaler                          64. Steve Hall: @adrants
65. Darryl Ohrt: @darrylohrt                             66. Brian Wane:
67. George Kelly: @allaboutgeorge                 68. Suzanne Leichter: @emodsuzanne
69. John McCrea: @johnmccrea                      70. Vik Duggal: @vikdug
71. Wesley Sluss: @captaincrazy                     72. Sarah Curtis: @rojopelo
73. Sherry Chris: @BHGRE_Sherry                 74. Rayanne Langdon: @rlangdon
75. LP33.tv: @LP33                                               76. Saul Colt: @saulcolt
77. Alicia Kenworthy: @aliciamk                    78. Chris Noble: @cfnoble
79. Kaiser Kuo: @kaiserkuo                               80. Debbie Cerda: @snax
81. Danny Kolke: @Etelos                                    82. Eric Berto: @geekgiant
83. James Burgin: @JamesBurgin                    84. Michelle Riggen-Rans: @mriggen
85. Philip Campbell: @philcampbell               86. Diane DeSeta: @ddeseta
87. Mike Stopforth: @mikestopforth              88. Alice Marwick: @alicetiara
89. Will Sullivan: @journerdism                       90. Rebecca Corliss: @repcor
91. Michael Gaines: @starmike                          92. Mimi Hui: @MissXu
93. Kim Sherrell: @KimSherrell                        94. Olivier Peyre: @plzfixtheiphone
95. Marcus Nelson: @marcusnelson               96. Mary Ann Cotter: @cookingcapsules
97. Elizabeth Hannan: @ElizabethHannan    98. Ken Yeung: @Kyeung808
99. Florian Seroussi: @florianseroussi           100. Aman: @onlyaman

Your 100 Interviews Crew:

Derek Overbey – @doverbey
Morgan Brown – @morganb
Sukhjit Ghag – @sukhjit
Rob Blatt – @robblatt

9 Responses to “This Is The Most Awesome Interview List Ever! Well, maybe not ever but it is pretty cool.”

  1. March 12, 2009 at 1:59 am

    This is going to be huge guys. Can’t wait to see them all! See you there hopefully!

  2. March 12, 2009 at 2:00 am

    Looks like a great list! Hope to see you guys wandering about there! 🙂

  3. March 12, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    Iwill participating in the Microsoft BizSpark Accelerator competition on Mon at 1:45 in the online video technology category. Might be many people there you would like to interview (in addition to me of course!)

    • 6 doverbey
      March 12, 2009 at 4:51 pm

      Hi Amy, I will try to make it on Monday. Might be a little late as our last interview ends at 2:00. Looking forward meeting you.

  4. March 12, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    So where are these interviews happening? Exciting 🙂

  5. March 15, 2009 at 1:22 am

    Hi, looking forward to tomorrow morning.
    10AM, right?
    Can I bring my sidekick Tyler for the interview?

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